"Life is to be enjoyed, not endured"  Gordon B. Hinckley

Alan Robinson

At the young age of 39, Alan fell to the ground having a 10 minute seizure. 
He was a healthy young father with no health problems. His life was never the same.  Transported to Barrow's Neuro Institute he was diagnosed with a brain tumor called an Oligodendroglioma grade II.  With no real understanding of the diagnosis, they took him directly to surgery for removal.  He has since battled with multiple seizures and horrible side effects from the medications.  A decision was made to map out the seizure activity and remove the portion of the brain that was causing the seizures, where in he lost function of his left arm. The next few months were spent in physical therapy and he has regained some function. The seizures returned after a year and he began to have some behavior changes. An MRI revealed the tumor had grown to a grade III and is inoperable.  He required 6 weeks of radiation treatment which has left him very weak.  His burdens are heavy with the mounting medical bills and a mortgage to pay.  He is unable to work a full load.  I started a fundraiser in his name and after several request from wonderful people wanting to help with donations, I decided to try this webpage in his honor to help ease his sweet families burdens.  If you would like to help with medical expenses you can donate through Pay Pal on this page.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.  I will keep you updated with any changes in his condition and treatments

March 2011 MRI reveals Alans's tumor is in remission.  He is healthy and happy.  Moving forward in life with all of this behind him.  What a BLESSING.  Thank you to all who supported his family through the rough times.  They couldnt have made it without you.  May you be blessed for your kindness and generosity.  I know Alan and his family appreciated all of your help.  

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9874 W. Salter Drive, Peoria AZ 85382.  
Please write check to Lisa Bruemmer (Alan's sister) who is handling his donations.   Thank you!

Alan and Tami visit their new friend Cindy

Cindy.  What a beautiful woman. 
"The soul of an angel" battles her own  advanced stage brain tumor.
She has inspired and influenced Alan the most of anyone.  Meeting Cindy during radiation changed Alan's whole perspective on life.  He is happier and living life now with a positive attitude.  Thank you Cindy and God bless you as you fight for your life. 


Alan September 2010 Radiation

 It  is hard to keep up with every day tasks let alone be a father and a provider.  Some days his body just wants to sleep as it is trying to heal from the radiation.  He has good days and really bad days. 

Alan's family before radiation

Alan is happily married with 3 children.  His wife Tami has had amazing strength.  She refuses to give up hope but at times she is overwhelmed with this heavy burden.  

Alan and Family at Disneyland 11/2010

Thanks to Al's loving, generous brother and family, he was able to enjoy a day at Disneyland with is family over Thanksgiving.  He is gaining his strenghth back daily and doing well. 
The second MRI showed no new growth but was still too foggy from the radiation to see if the tumor had shrunk in size.  Your prayers and generosity have been heaven sent, more then you will ever know.  We thank all of you who have helped from the bottom of our hearts!

Tami and Alan

Dear friends and family, we are very humbled at the goodness of those around us and those far away who are constantly supporting us with their love and prayers!  Tami Robinson